Facing the future calmly

As people age, many face significant challenges in life. In the SENIOR LIVING segment, we design and implement living arrangements that make it possible to face this stage of life calmly.

In order to gain sound insights into population and market developments in Austria as well as key trends in senior living, we commissioned the leading location consultancy RegioPlan Consulting to conduct the study “Senior Living Austria 2023+. We offer an excerpt of the study with our 1st Market and Trend Report 2022/2023, which you can download below.

1st market and trend report 2022/2023

The first market and trend report “Senior Living Austria 2023+” provides well-founded insights into the population and market situation in Austria and represents essential trends in senior living.

On the one hand, our aim was to point out the very large future demand for senior living and, on the other hand, to position offers in line with the market on the basis of our business model, in direct cooperation with relevant decision-makers. In the future, our focus will be on an all-round concept with efficient synergy utilization for investors and users.

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If you are interested in the comprehensive “Senior Living Austria 2023+ Study” and our projects, please contact our Senior Living expert Dr. Klaus Weichselbaum, MSc.

Dr. Klaus Weichselbaum MSc.
Senior Project Manager

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